Movellian of the…. Timeframe undecided…

Number One

So the first Movellian of the whatever is here!

Well, after I posted the initial mumble about this, and was so happy with the amount of positive feedback, I was left with the very tricky choice of who to choose. There were so many good people, and I must say my shortlist wasn’t short, but there was one person who commented, who really stood out to me. They were not nominated per se, but I felt they should have been.

This person has been an asset to the Movellas community for at least three years now and been an inspiration to all. I watched her grow and develop from the sweet kind girl I knew to an inspiration.

She’s so smart, so kind, and so strong, and so, so talented. Her writing is beautiful and brilliant, and her artwork takes my breath away. It’s got so much movement and character and she already has an amazing unique style that in all honest makes me jealous. Her art is stunning.

And she’s rarely recognized for it, not nearly as much as she should be in my opinion. She’s amazing and every time I speak to her, though it’s few and far between these days, she always brings back my hope for humanity. She always has something nice to say, even on the darkest days.


That Movellian is ChelberNo1.


I chose her because she inspires me, and I feel she should be able to inspire more people. Or at least to use this as an opportunity to let her know just how amazing she is.

Now I wasn’t entirely sure how to do this, so I decided to give a range of questions, and let her answer whichever, and how many she wanted, as I plan to do with all these blogs. So let’s get started!


I started off with the question “If you invented a new word, what would It be and what would it mean?”

Chelber: “"Knege" and it would mean "my frustration/stress levels are very high at the moment." (Example: Person A: Why can't I-- Knege! Person B: Still having trouble on that essay, huh?)"


I think “knege” is going to be my word of the week!


Do you have a guilty pleasure song?  


Chelber: "Running" by Evermore, I absolutely love it, but it's angsty and old, so I try to avoid letting people know I'm listening to it, ha ha. Don't want to seem like a typical teenager...”


Next was a cliché but good question.


“What is your dream job?”

Chelber: “My dream job is actually a job that contains multiple jobs, if that makes sense. I would love to be an artist - character design, environmental, freelance - and that's the career goal, but I want to publish novels in my own time, and there's a few other things that I want to do on the side. You know how in some theme parks there are people who dress up as mermaids and swim around? Yeah, that sounds cool.”


Mermaid Chelber!



If you had any pet, mythical or real, with no ethical or dangerous repercussions, what would it be?

Chelber: “I'm going to go with a Sky Bison, of Avatar: The Last Airbender. They are big and fluffy and I could actually fly places! (I'm terrified of aeroplanes - not flying itself, but the planes.)"


Which is cuter, and penguin in a knitted sweater or a bear cub with a bow on its ear?

Chelber: "A penguin in a knitted sweater, definitely. Imagine one waddling along in a pink and green jumper with bobbles. Cute.”


What do you love most about Movellas?

Chelber: “The interaction between other users! You can write and read, sure, but it's talking to others, receiving real feedback, and helping each other out that makes it special for me.”


Which Movella of your own or someone else would you recommend?

 Chelber: “If any, I would recommend 'Lost Lights' of mine, but really, due to major writers' block, I haven't written anything decent in over a year, ha ha. I'm hoping to get back into it soon!”



Well there you folks have it! My Q&A with the one and only ChelberNo1!

If you don’t know her, go seek her out, she’s awesome!

You can obviously find her here, but also a couple other places, such as DeviantArt for her gorgeous sketches, and on Tumblr for tumbly things!


Now I hope you enjoyed this movellian of the… whatever… I’ll gradually work out all the kinks.

Lemme know what you guys think, perhaps share what you love about Chelber, and leave your nominations for the next one! Else I’ll pick some poor fool at random!

See ya next time!


~Madouc out!

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