Read, Write, Share - and Listen on Movellas!

by , Tuesday April 18, 2017
Read, Write, Share - and Listen on Movellas!

Something New & Exciting is Coming...

Are you all ready to use Movellas in a whole new way?



You probably haven't seen this before - or should we say listened to this before. Until now... 


Movellas encourages you all to read, write, share - and by the end of this month, you'll also be able to listen to stories on Movellas!


A new concept has been brought to light, and together with Sony Music, Movellas is ready to bring your stories to life in a completely new format. Now you'll be able to immerse yourself deeper in your favorite movella, let go of everyday stress, and sit back as you listen to the stream of words leading you into a world of excitement and romance, where dreams come true and aspirations are the reality.


It's stories like you've never heard them before - and these stories are written by you movellians.


Audio Stories - how it'll all begin...

With this new feature you'll be able to stream the first movellas ever on Spotify. The procedure with Audio Stories will be the same as when you stream music on Spotify. You'll be able to log on and seach for 'Movellas.' It's possible to listen with both Spotify Freemium and Spotify Premium, but Premium will give you the best listening experience. You'll be able to find audio stories to listen to on the Movellas Home page, or just by clicking on the Audio Stories icon that'll appear in the main menu. 


An official announcement will follow once the Audio Stories feature is live, and you're sure not to miss the buzz on our social media about this as we leap forward into Summer!


You all won't have to wait much longer. Come May you'll be able to put on your headphones , turn up the volume, and tune in to the new universe of audio stories on Movellas. We couldn't be more excited to share these stories and their talented writers with all of you.


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