Story of the Month for January

by , Monday January 2, 2017
Story of the Month for January

Story of the Month for January

Here's one story you all agree is an amazing read!



It's a new year and the start of many exciting things. Much like many of us in January, you may find yourself with some extra time this month to relax and reflect, or maybe even soon enough you'll be searching for inspiration in your own writing. Either way, we want to recommend a story to you to read and otherwise like as some other movellians in the community do.


Not so long ago we asked all of you to tell us what movellas you thought deserved to be Story of the Month. What you gave us was a great list of recommendations. And with so many well-written stories out there, it's difficult to recommend just one - but there were some mentioned more than others and in this basic observation alone we found there was one in particular that stood out as a favorite. 


This Story of the Month is a fantasy story that has elements you'd find in both a supernatural story and a thriller. The best part of this movella is also the official theme this month and that's magic. *Endless shimmering* so if you love wickedly good stories then we highly recommend you read this one, as January's Story of the Month has been described as nothing short of amazing. We will continue asking the community for future reads as you all are practically experts when it comes to this :)




Story of the Month for January

Fortunes by NightshadeCreepypasa



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