by , Sunday October 23, 2016

Hi! You probably don't recognize me, so let me just say, I'm new to the Movellas community.

And might I say, I'm very excited to be here! I've already heard about it some from around the 'net, and seeing as it's a platform for sharing stories of mine, and from what I've heard, it's got a good community, I decided to give it a go!

By the way, the picture isn't mine, but I couldn't find the source, though I do know that it comes from DeviantArt. I hope you don't mind that the artist isn't listed, but if you do know the source, please tell me. The subject of the picture, however, is Jade Harley in her grimbark form, which is a character from a webcomic called Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. Homestuck can be found on a website called MS Paint Adventures. I just wanted to share this spectacular work of art with you all, even though it has nothing to do with the post!

(And yes, for those who are familiar with Homestuck: I am still in the fandom, even though the comic ended on April 13th after a good seven-year run, and I will continue to be in the fandom for a long time. I realize that the constant reminders of and references to Homestuck, particularly on Tumblr, have been getting a bit annoying, since the comic is no longer relevant, but I hopefully won't go too overboard with the Homestuck references.)

If you are interested in seeing more from me, including ramblings and scattered thoughts, original characters, anime-style digital art, realistic- and anime-style traditional art, Homestuck fan art, original fiction (primarily in the fantasy and horror genres), and Homestuck fanfiction, as well as perhaps a bit of anime-, Steven Universe-, Invader Zim-, Undertale-, and RWBY-related content, I encourage you to please do follow me, though you don't have to, and otherwise, thank you for reading this! I do hope you will find my future stories, mumbles, and blogs enjoyable.

~(Dogtier) Jade Harley

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