Daily Lies

by , Thursday October 13, 2016
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 Daily Lies

Everyone lies...

 If you haven't noticed by now, we all lie, lies are everywhere. People say they love you, well if that was true why do people cheat? Exactly, they lied to you... They lied to everyone. I have been through hell recently, I hate to admit it, but I've thought about cutting again, but for the sake of people all around me, I must lie and say I'm okay. I smile, even though I just want to break down and cry. I don't eat because I claim I already ate, and I say I'm not hungry... I sleep too much so I don't have to face reality. 

 People lie because they can't handle the truth, or vice versa they lie, because you can't handle the truth. Which is major bullshit, but who's complaining? 

Comment more lies, and your thoughts below.

This isn't what I'm working on for you guys btw I'm about to write that in a few.

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