23/09/2016 Me's-a-blog!

by , Friday September 23, 2016
 23/09/2016 Me's-a-blog!


Will I get the next chapter ready by tonight? Probably not, but it's going to be posted anyway since I'm going away for a week. Not gonna be my best work - then again, I rarely do good work anyway. That One Time I Went on a Quest is probably as pulpy as it gets, but I certainly enjoy writing it more than my last thing.


People are so obsessed with Game of Thrones type stories that other types of fantasy just get drowned out by all the serious gritty setting and serious gritty dialogue and serious gritty characterisation. 


I'm a big fan of serious gritty stuff. Trouble is, I'm not a serious gritty person, so whenever I try to write like that it ends up being super boring and zzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzzz and juvenile. 


I've an inkling that the second half of That One Time I Went on a Quest is gonna turn too serious and gritty for my liking. Those first two chapters - my best work. Those action-packed chapters - exciting stuff. 


But now, as the plot moves along, I find myself writing increasingly serious and gritty stuff despite them being at odds with the tone of the story. 


Gonna fix that. Gonna take a week-long breather and get back to it with a goofy smile.

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