An Autofiction Writing Challenge!

by , Tuesday August 30, 2016
An Autofiction Writing Challenge!

Write fiction based on your life

How can you incorporate your experiences into a story of your own design?


Here at Movellas we love to challenge our users and see what you come up with when you are given some ideas or themes to write on. We also love to read your competition entries (or stories, of any kind:) and so we've decided to challenge you further: this time it's a writing challenge!


The challenge is not quite a competition for its primary purpose is to try and write something new and perhaps out of your comfort zone. Still, we want to give a small prize to the person who does this particularly well and so we're promising a Movellas-themed notebook for the best entry.


You can either write your contribution as a comment or make a Movella and link it in the comments.


But what should you write about? Well, the first challenge we've decided to pick was also one of the biggest trends in 2010 literature: namely, autofiction. "What is autofiction?" you might ask.


To put it simply, autofiction is half autobiographical, half fiction. It is in fact basically fiction, the story is fictional - yet there are striking similarities between the author and the autofiction's protagonist, for example. The action in autofictional works also often reflects real events. Read more on Literary Hub.


What you should do now is to start with yourself and your own life in writing the story. How much is fiction and how much is real is up to you, we just need to see yourself in the fiction.


You have until Saturday, September 10!

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