Movellas Ambassadors

by , Friday April 8, 2016
Movellas Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

Who they are, what they do, and why they help everyone reading & writing here



Many of you have seen the golden star that glitters on a few different active user profiles found on Movellas. Ambassadors are chosen every year to help Movellas become a better website and importantly, a fun and helpful place to share your writing, read stories by other writers, and be a part of a community that has this in focus. Every year our team chooses the Ambassadors who have (actually, quite many:-) duties and responsibilities, like helping us carry out our own tasks for Movellas (a lot of judging writing competitions, or reporting trolls or spammmers); they also beta test new features to help let us know when there's a problem and what can be be improved.


Ambassadors help take care of the site down to the simplest things - like welcoming new users, promoting competitions or amazing movella 

recommendations to read, writing book reviews, and providing editorial feedback for users - no matter what, the ambassadors are always working on something on Movellas to help it all run smoothly and remain a great place to read & write.


The main thing we want you to take away from all this that our Ambassadors act as advocates for Movellas.


Their job, not that much different from ours as the Movellas Team, is to take care of the community and spread the word about Movellas where possible. The Ambassadors are what we consider "super users" and are talented writers who are very active on the site.


To become an ambassador, you have to be an active user who's been with Movellas long enough to understand the guidelines. We will be asking for applications from interested new users in June - so stay tuned until then!


If you have any questions for the Ambassadors, please just let them know - here in the comments too - because they often have the answers :-)



Thank you to Sanguine for designing this banner


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