Gaming Fanfictions and How to Write Them

Gaming Fanfictions and How to Write Them

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Good morning, evening, and afternoon you salty salmons! Yes, it’s me! Aldrin! And if you can see past that awful pun that's actually relevant to what I'm blogging for you today, then you’re halfway there. Are you much of a gamer, like me? I have seen that some of you are indeed, and if you’re anything like me when it comes to gaming, then you want an immersive experience with your games, getting sunken into the story and yanked in by the collar. Oh yeah, I can name several games that have been like that for me. But once you’ve completed the story, you want to have more! The craving is unrelenting, isn’t it? So you might start to write your own take on the world with its own stories! And thus, Gaming Fanfictions are born!

“Well how do I write a gaming fanfiction, Aldrin! I don't know!” Well if you hold your unicorns for one minute, I'll tell you. A gaming fanfiction starts when you role play in your world, if the game allows it. Create your own mini stories that take you on a path, for instance. Then take in what you have just done. But if that can’t be done, you’ll have your own story to think up, all by yourself. For this, you will need to put in a bit of work.


First up, you cannot write a gaming fanfiction without knowing the world and its lore. Also, you cannot assume that everyone will know either. Not everyone may know what Skyrim is, and how giants can apparently launch you to the moon. Always know what you’re writing about in accurate detail, and explain it. And explaining it doesn’t have to be outright saying “Assassins are an age old organization that have played a role in all of mankind’s history,” for example. You can manage to weave in what the assassins are, in dialogue. Here, watch: “We are an old and proud union, that go back long before your time!” shouted Ezio.” Something as simple as that would do! There is nothing worse than introducing a character like “There then came a horrendous thud from behind them, causing a shudder up their spines. It was Master Chief, his heart full of fire and hate.” Anyone not in-the-know about Halo would think ‘Who the hell is Master Chief?!’ which is the LAST thing you want your readers to say about a book around Master Chief and his world!

So let’s get down to a list of what games can work for a gaming fanfiction. Skyrim or other Elder Scrolls games are fantastic! So deep in lore and structure, you can spawn any story from it! Dragon Age, is also a world that most can get immersed in. I’ve watched many reviews about it, and they all say how good the story is. Assassin’s Creed is also brilliant, as it’s all integrated into history anyway. Pokemon is also great, for you can write about your own trainer and team of Pokemon! Halo is also very good, as it steps away from what the military is like today. The Dark Souls games I can see working slightly, but you would have to be very clever in how you write it, as the games don’t even follow a set story. Even a game like Titanfall could work, as it has a story, but it is never laid out for you.

Now, games that are similar to those, you can follow. I may be a hardcore gamer, but I don’t know all games ever made. However, these games… I have read fanfictions on some of them, and they just do or would not work… Minecraft, is the biggest. Don’t do it. Minecraft is a bad game to write about, even though it seems perfect. None of the lore is explained. The game isn’t really built for a story, it’s built just to let you have fun. Sure, if you have like faction servers it could work, but don’t say “This is a Minecraft Fanfiction” otherwise you will struggle to make it sound interesting. Next is Sonic… No. Bad. Very bad. Extremely bad. The characters just don’t have enough depth to them to make the story good enough. And sorry Mario, but your world is pretty much built to only save the socially psychopathic Princess Preach. Call of Duty… Need I say more? Battlefield too, even though I love that series!

So Movellians, if you’re a gamer, nothing is stopping you from writing a fanfiction about the games that you play! Although I have given examples of characters and games that would not work in a written fanfiction, you can write a fanfiction about any game if you make it good enough, and let it appeal to an audience that may not be gamers as well. For instance, I might be writing a fanfiction story on one of my favourite game series, Monster Hunter. None of you may have heard of it, so that is why I will make it appeal to all of you, hopefully…


But anyway, thank you for reading and I hope to read all of your awesome gaming fanfictions soon!

- Aldrin


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