Movellys 2015 - Which Winners will you Choose?

And the nominees are...

Here are who you have all chosen to move on!


We've reached the second round of Movellys 2015! Many amazing nominations were counted so thank you to everyone who participated. All the positive feedback you've given each other along the way was wonderful to read too.


We have reviewed all your past nominations and found the top candidates in each category. They are listed in random order below. Now you must vote for your absolute favorite! You can only vote once in each category, and you have one week to do it - so make your final nominations here until the deadline on February 22 before midnight!


Select your top choice for each category below and click 'Vote' :-)


Note: We asked for 10 nominees each - but we didn't receive the full 10 for every category. Since Movellys is something YOU all decide through your nominations, it's not for us to fill in the blanks with extra nominees. We've just listed the top nominations that you all provided.


We will announce the winners February 28 (Oscar Night...)










Happy Voting!


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