Build Your Own Worlds

by , Wednesday February 10, 2016
Build Your Own Worlds

How to Design Your Very Own Worlds

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So if you’re like me when it comes to stories, you like to write these said stories in your very own, made up and original worlds. And if you don’t and would like to, then you have come to the right place my friends! I made up my own worlds, stories, and lore many times over, and am into loads of fandoms that are jam-packed with original lore. Creating and building a world of your own is actually a very good place to start when writing a story, should you be stuck with where to start or how to write more of it. So sit back, read gently, and prepare to open your mind to imagination.


I’ll start with the basics. Take yourself to school for a bit. Oh Gooood, Aldrin – I hear you say – school is such a paaaain! Well hold your muffins there, let me just finish. Think about each of the subjects you are or have studied. Science, English, mathematics, geography, history, music etc. All of them are relevant. Think of the world you want to design, and now think that you are a student there and are being taught by a teacher from that universe. You have to learn about their geography, their science, their culture, their society, their language, their politics. All of it rolls into one. But what if it is a fantasy world where they don’t really know science? Take the Lord of the Rings, for example, well then if that's the case then keep science out of it, it’s as simple as that.

However, for those of you who hated learning about 1066, then you’re going to hate what I have to say next. History is the most crucial part of any world. Your world MUST have a history, and that is no joke. Dates, names, places, and events. History makes the world you are creating what it is. Harry Potter had history, even if it was minor. The Lord of the Rings had a lot of history. Marvel had history. Star Wars had history. The Elder Scrolls have history. The list goes on and on and on, because these worlds are only ever explained through their history, and why they are what they are now, if… that makes sense. Do you get what I mean here? This all makes sense in my head but… Moving on… So let me specify what "good history" is.


Good history is as I have said, dates, names, places and events. When, who, where, and what. Were there previous wars in your world? Wars shape worlds, both surprisingly and sadly. We’ve had wars that have all shaped us, such as WWI or WWII. If you have wars in your world, how do they change the world? What happened during them? Who lived? Who died? ...Who won? It is all important and relevant. Take for example in one of my worlds I created, there was a humungous war called The Cataclysm. Basically, two races fought and whichever became extinct first obviously lost. That is my general idea of it, and I do go into much more extreme detail in explaining it, but you get the idea. Or maybe it wasn’t a war that changed your world, maybe it was a movement or revolution. Revolutions have been game changers a number of times in our history, from the Salt March in India, to the Civil Rights Campaign in America. Speaking of which, who are important names and figures in your world? Are they still alive, or part of history now? How or why were they important? Goodness me, so many questions you must answer!


So now that the boring history is out of the way, what next? Well you have your timeline of events, so now make your characters and put them in that timeline. Are they at the very present, of your world, or are they in a key time in your world’s history? They could even be the important figure who will lead one of your world’s revolutions, per say. But remember, your character(s) of your story must fit within the lore of this world too. I don’t think a Harry Potter type character would fit well in Star Wars, would you agree? So create them in your head, and set them free in it. See what happens!

Have fun ladies and germs, and get creating your own worlds pronto! It’s more fun than you think. And if you’re struggling, just take ideas from other fictional worlds that you like for ideas and inspiration.

- Aldrin


Thank you Aldrin for both writing this awesome blog post and creating the banner :-)

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