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FAQs in Competitions

Not sure what the rules are? Want to know what matters when it comes to our writing competitions? Read all about it



This blog was originally written by some of our talented ambassadors. We've updated it a little, and we think that new users might be able to find useful information here :-)
How do you participate in competitions? Can you have a co-author? How will you be contacted if you win? Whether you are in doubt or just want a little extra info about competitions, you can find the answers here!


We've made a list of the frequently asked questions we get for competitions, and this can be considered a comprehensive summary of the answers. This way, you always know where to click if you're looking for FAQs regarding writing competitions!

How do you know when a competition ends?
The final deadline for competitions can be found in the box called 'Important dates' located at the top right of any competition page, and just above the box that says 'Participants'. Here you can also see how many days, hours, and minutes are left in a competition before it ends! The deadline is also usually repeated at the very end of a competition page, in bold. 



Can you write more of your story after the competition is over?

Yes you can, but only after a competition has been judged and the winners announced. If you can't wait until then, just create a new movella with your same story and continue making edits there, separate from your competition entry.
Can you enter multiple stories in a competition that are written by the same user?
Yes. :-)
Do we read all contributions to competitions?

Yes, Movellas reads ALL contributions, unless instructed otherwise.
Are you limited to entering a story in English?

Yes. But you can alternatively participate in writing competitions running on the Movellas Danish or Spanish sister sites. Just change your language from 'English' to your new choice.
Should your entry/story be completed by the competition deadline?
Not necessarily, only if it's included specifically in the competition details. However, the best chance of winning a Movellas writing competition is to finish up your final edits/changes before the competition ends.
Who chooses the winners?

This is decided by the Movellas Team and sometimes editors, authors, or publishers. If a competition is in collaboration with, for example, Save the Children, they also have a say in who the winners are :-)
Can you have a co-author help you write your story?
And if you are a co-author along with others, will you each get a prize if you win??

No, but there is one for sharing.
How long must a chapter be?

There is no specific length. However, there may be rules about the length of the whole story or entries in any given competition so be sure to check the description!













How do I join a competition?

By clicking the green button at the top right of the competition page, where it says 'Join', located just below the 'Important Dates.'
















How will you be contacted if you win?

Movellas sends an email to the email address used when you created your Movellas account - so it's important that you check this email regularly and that your user account settings are updated with the correct email address through which to reach you.













Does the length of competition entries matter?
The overall length of your entry does not positively or negatively affect your chances of winning. You are welcome to write a short story or a novel, just be aware of what is in the competition details as the rules may vary.
Can you participate in a competition using a story you've already written?

No. To be fair, all participants must have around the same length of time to write their story or entry, so you shouldn't submit anything that was written before the competition in question started.

That being said, if you started a story that you wanted to use in a competition, it's alright if you create a new movella from when the competition begins and include parts of your previous story in it, just label it "Part II" or something like that so we know it's part of an extended work :-)

Can you participate in a competition with a poem?
Yes, as a rule, unless stated otherwise but it can vary from competition to competition so to be on the safe side, just double-check the info before you start writing!

... We hope these answers & advice has helped you form a better picture of what it's like to participate in a competition here on Movellas! There is nothing left but to throw yourself into it and try your luck - because who knows, maybe it's YOU who ends up winning one of the many great prizes. If nothing else, it will only strengthen your writing skills.
Most importantly, do not be afraid to participate in our competitions! It's okay to just give it your best shot, you may just be all the better at writing next time by doing it! We are happy with all the contributions we receive in our competitions, even if it is the first time you try to write for one.
Good luck, and good writing!

The Movellas Team

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