Battle of the Fandoms- Fandom Winners



The Winners of the huge Battle of the Fandoms Competitions have been found! We've been feverishly reading through them and can confirm that the quality of writing was outstanding. It just goes to show how much you all love and support the fandoms you chose to write about. Everyone should read all of the entries to this competition, because they really were impressive! 


Revisit the Battle of the Fandoms entries here.


So in no particular order here are the winners of the Battle of the Fandoms!


One Direction

Labels by Oh Hipsta Please



Codeword: Kitten by KarmaDash



Harry Potter

Mischief Managed by Claire__




The Hunger Games

Grandeur by HeartTaunter



Eugene by Omissa


The Lord of the Rings

Bigger Fish To Fry by Mirlotta



Sherlock The Great Bomber by Monkeh


Doctor Who

The Doctor and the Children of Time by C H Potter



Dauntless by fictionbefourblood



John Green Books (all)

An Imperial Affliction by X Amanda X



Classic Novels

The Kiss of Bitter Roses by River Summers



Percy Jackson

Unclaimed by Fxndom_Queen



Supernatural (TV)

A Sour home by Mahongony Pumpkin




Marvel Comics

Captain America Fanfiction by KatherineRHunt


Youtube/Vine Fanfiction

Youtube: Mission of Death by J.K. Panesar


All winners will be contacted by email.


The overall winner of the competition is still to be decided. There will be a blog about how to vote for the overall winner of the Battle of the Fandoms soon...

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