15 Pointless Supernatural Facts

by , Tuesday July 14, 2015
15 Pointless Supernatural Facts

@h a n n a h is spilling the beans on Supernatural!


So we all love Supernatural, right? And we'd love to know more, right? Even if the answer is no (and if shouldn't be), I have found ten pointless, but interesting facts on the hit show for you to enjoy!


1.Supernatural was originally going to be called Unnatural

2.Season One had a budget of just $20,000. This includes actor wages and the special effects budget.

3.In the Season One episode “Bugs”, despite the realism of the bees in the closing scene, actual bees were not used. Actor Jared Padalecki is allergic to the fuzz that covers a bee’s abdomen, instead hundreds of small robotic (and hairless!) bees were used.

4.In Season Four, Misha Collins’ character Castiel wore over 80 different trench coats. This is due to the fact that at the end of each scene, Kripke insisted that the trench be burnt for ‘undisclosed reasons’.

5.Dean Winchester’s character was originally supposed to be of Asian origin. The CW however suggested that in order for it to be more believable, that the Winchester brothers should share the same ethnicity.

6.In the Season 3 episode “Time Is On My Side”, if you freeze the frame at 24 mins 33.5 seconds, you will find a lovely photo of Supernatural creator Eric Kripke at his 24th birthday party.

7.Originally, Sam Winchester and demon Ruby were supposed to get married at the end of Season 4. However, once actors Jared and Gen (who play Sam and Ruby respectively) announced their engagement, the writers thought it would be tacky if their characters also got married so dropped the plotline.

8.Similarly, in Season Seven was supposed to feature Ruby being re-incarnated and impregnated by Sam Winchester. But the couple ruined that storyline as well.

9.Contrary to popular belief, Bobby Singer is not named after director/producer Robert Singer. He is in fact named after Reggae artist Bobby McFerrin and actor Raymond Singer.

10.If you watch the Season 5 Episode “99 Problems” backwards, you can actually hear the lyrics to Jay Z’s hit song “99 Problems”.

11.Sam always wins at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Dean always chooses Scissors.

12.Jim Beaver's character (Bobby) was only supposed to make a one time appearance on the show.

13.Sam Winchester was an accidental baby.

14.64% of Sam Winchester's lovers died.

15.The original concept for Supernatural had a reporter going to investigate the urban legends and writing about them in his column...absolutely nothing to do with the Winchester brothers. 


I hope I wasn't the only one who found these facts interesting, I hope you did too! Have a nice day!

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