Winners Of The #WhatMakesYouHappy Competition

We've announced the winners!



The #WhatMakesYouHappy Competition with Young Happy Minds has been a huge success, it has been inspirational to see again what amazing talent there is on Movellas. We said that we would choose 5 winners to be featured on Movellas and by Young Happy Minds as well, but we couldn't choose between the final 6. Congratulations to all of our winners.


 Young Happy Minds are advertising for the happiest job in the world! Find out more about being a Young Happy Minds ambassador here. 


If you need inspiration or even if you’re not feeling very happy right now and would like to pick up some tips on how to be happier, pop over to, or where you’ll find a wealth of information about the Science of Happiness and how you can take happiness into your own hands. 


OR you can visit the competition page to see all the entries! 


Picture Entries

What Makes Me Happy - Picture by



What Makes Me Happy by Madouc



Music Entry

Humphrey The Wonderdog by The Intelligence Division



Story Entry

Writerly Bliss by Artemis J. Potter



Poetry Entries

Happiness by JustAsSaneAsLunaWordsworth



Summer Bubbles by Jade.P



Congratulations to all of the winners!

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