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@Ellbecks won the competition to have her story published...


The Blood Of Olympus, the last book in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan is coming out in paperback on the 7th of May. The exciting news is that a Movellas writer will have her winning story from our Blood of Olympus Competition published along side Rick Riordan. At the back of the UK paperback is an alternate ending by our very own @Ellbecks. Buy the UK paperback to support a Movellas writer and congratulations!


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We talked to @Ellbecks  about how it feels to be published:

Being published in a Rick Riordan book has been a dream come true.


Why did you enter the competition?

Rick Riordan is one of my favourite authors, by far. When I discovered his books I started to love reading. So the competition was just a way to be involved with the fandom in my own way. 


What is it like being published by Puffin books?

Getting published has been an exciting experience. I am so greatful that the opportunity to enter (and WIN) this competition when it came up. 


Did you have any problems coming up with an original idea?

Movellas was a huge help with answering any questions I had about the alternate ending. Coming up with an alternate ending was hard because I wanted it to feel like it fitted in with the author's unique style of writing. I decided that I wanted to write an ending that was filled with action and suspense so started with that. I also wanted to show how important character relations were to the story. I loved being able to write about Percy because he's my favourite character.


What's the best thing about being published?

I think the best bit about being published is having my work in a book published by Puffin. It will be really cool to see my story in an actual book on the shelves. Rick Riordan is an epic author and it is an honour to have my story published along side his writing. 



Pre-order the book here 

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