Battle of the Fandoms

by , Tuesday April 7, 2015
Battle of the Fandoms

The battle of the Fandoms coming...



Since the last battle there have been a ton of new fandoms that have come out. New users, new interests, but some of the classics will always be there. We want to make sure that Movellas is as current as possible for you all. The Battle of the Fandom's competition will be opening soon, but we need your help! What fandoms should battle it out to join the fandom lists. 

So far we have selected nine fandoms which will be categories in the Battle of the Fandoms competition in a few weeks time:

One Direction


Harry Potter
The Hunger Games

The Lord of the Rings
Doctor Who


Help us decide the rest of the fandoms. There are 6 more slots to make 15 overall fandoms! Let us know in the comments what other fandoms you want to join the list. We will count up how many comments there are for each one and choose the top 12! Then we will open up those twelve to vote on again and we'll choose the top 6. 


So come on guys let's hear it. Represent your fandoms and put them in comments!

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