NaNoWriMo: Pep Talk!

by , Wednesday November 12, 2014
NaNoWriMo: Pep Talk!

@Molly Looby gets excited for NaNoWriMo





I, on behalf of all the Wrimos who have reached the holy grail of 50,000 words, bestow this golden knowledge to you, fellow Movellian: you can do this. I know this for a fact because you are already trying. You are a mighty warrior and your war will be won. Glory will be yours.


You can do this, petrified writer. Chant it to yourself if you have to. Goodness knows I’ll be chanting it every day to keep myself chugging along.


You can do this, experienced and inexperienced authors of Movellas. Reaching 50,000 words, though it is a feeling like no other, is not the most important thing in the world. If you don’t reach the finish line by the time December shows its Christmasy head, don’t despair. You’ve still done something thousands, dare I say millions, want to do but are too afraid to try. Yes, you started your book.


Keep powering on, beautiful novelist. I’m not encouraging you to drop everything, (I’m afraid you still have to do your school work) but you are allowed to abandon your friends during these few weeks. This is a noble cause, your novel, let it know you can make sacrifices.


My advice to you is to sit down at the same time every day. Turn off your internet, put your phone in another room, (or turn that off as well) and make yourself write. If nothing else, you’ll get bored and have nothing else to do with yourself. After a few days, the routine will be like an old friend and you’ll spend fewer precious minutes twirling your thumbs and more time writing those diamond words.


Forget typos, you’ve no time for that. Don’t read back unless you have to remind yourself where you are. Forget about character and plot problems, they’re your inner editor’s problem. Do not, whatever you do, brilliant creator, let your inner editor out of its cage. I repeat DO NOT LET YOUR INNER EDITOR OUT OF ITS CAGE. Let it scream. Let it shout. Let it cry. Rejoice in its pain. It’s not often you’re allowed to do so.


Each day, stop when it gets exciting (once you’ve done the crucial 1,667 of course). Doing this will make it easier to start with minimal time wasted the next day. Every moment writing is important. I know not writing is a strange thing to suggest for NaNoWriMo, but doing this ensures you write lots every day and not just on odd days.


Your fellow Wrimo and friend @Prodigy implores you to use any method you can to overcome that crippling writer’s block. A spark of anything could help you out: a song, sketching your characters, even doing some research. Stop at nothing to slay the beast that haunts every writer’s nightmares.


Following those words, @Ahlaam Nightshade, another gallant Wrimo and comrade, suggests writing prompts to finish off the monster and to boost your confidence because you are fantastic!


You can do it.


You are doing it.


You are an author and nobody can ever take that away.

@Molly Looby


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