Funny Friday: Ship Challenge!

We all love a good ship... ahoy there matey! 

Let's admit it, a huge part of fanfiction is the shipping! BUT have you ever wondered which of your favourite fictional characters would or should date one of your favourite celebrities? We want you to comment below and tell us which fictional characters you would ship with which real life celebrities! Tell us why that pairing makes sense to you and, who knows, maybe it'll be the inspiration for a new Movella... 


Here's some of our favourites:


1. Meriall! 

Merida (from Brave) and Niall Horan (1D) 

This Scottish-Irish alliance would be super adorable... and they could sing together <3 

Pics: Twitter + BraveMerida by Michelle Wright on Flickr




2. Angeman

Angelina Jolie and Clark Kent (AKA Superman!)

Angelina Jolie is busy saving the world with all her humanitarian projects, all she needs to do now is pair up with Superman! #ifonly #sorrybrad 




3. Edsa 

Ed Shereen and (adult) Lisa Simpson 

These two would do the most amazing saxophone-guitar duets... Lisa, it's your birthday, happy birthday Lisaaaa 

Pics: Facebook





4. Japeeta

Jade (from Little Mix) and Peeta (from The Hunger Games)

We just think they'd look really cute together... well, according to how we picture Peeta ;) 

Pics: Twitter





5. Slizabeth

Sultan (from Aladdin) and Queen Elizabeth II

A cute match fit for royalty! Plus we love the sound of their ship name... 

Pics: Facebook




Okay, that's more than enough, your turn now... Get shipping!!! 

Remember, it must be a fictional character shipped with a person in real life, not a character they've played! 

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