Q&A with Riley Shasteen

by , Saturday July 5, 2014
Q&A with Riley Shasteen

We asked a couple of questions about what it is like to be @Rileyes


Q1) Where are you from? How old are you? What is your favourite subject at school? Tell us about yourself.


I am 15 years old and am from Laguna Niguel, California. My favorite subject in school is English except I dislike writing critical essays. I really enjoy singing and acting. I've been in 20 plays at a local theater. I am also trying to learn the guitar, and even though I've been playing for about a year, I am still very beginner due to the fact that I don't have much time to practice.


Q2) A lot of your fans are the same age as you, how do you balance school work, exams, writing,  Movellas, AND life?


I am very bad at balancing school work, exams, writing, Movellas, and life. I write whenever I have free time, but I do need to set aside more time to for it. I've been slacking a lot recently and I intend to make it up to my readers this summer.


Q3) You joined Movellas in 2012, what made you sign up and start writing?


About four months before I joined Movellas, my best friend and I had become huge fans of One Direction and started finding fan fiction on Instagram. Then she found Movellas and told me about it and we both fell in love with a few stories on the website. We got so inspired we started writing our own.


Q4) How much do you think updating the story chapter by chapter on Movellas made The Slave Auction easier to write?


Updating the story chapter by chapter made it much easier to write. I could take breaks in between chapters to think of new ideas while my viewers read my new chapter and commented their thoughts. Their comments were so nice. They made me want to keep writing for them even when I had writer's block.


Q5)  Why do you think that people loved The Slave Auction?


I think people enjoyed The Slave Auction a lot because it involved all five of the members of the band when a lot of other stories mainly focus around one of them. The Slave Auction is also very different and has a more unique plot so it stands out more.


Q6) What was it like when you noticed that your Movellas were getting a lot of attention?


I was really excited when Slave Auction got the same amount of attention on the first night I posted it as other stories I had posted got after months of being up. When the story later passed my two favorite Movellas on the most popular list I was shocked. I had hoped that would happen but I never actually thought it would!


Q7) How did you make your fanfiction stand out from the crowd?


I made a title that would catch people's attention and tried to not make it your average fan fiction story.


Q8) Why did you change the title of The Slave Auction to The Last Girl when you published on Amazon?


I changed the title from Slave Auction because I didn't want the title to get negative attention. That was never the intention of the story whatsoever. I changed the title to The Last Girl because my readers call themselves Last Girls and I wanted to make it more special for them, since I could not have done this without them.


Q9) What was it like working with Movellas to get The Last Girl Published?


It was great working with Movellas to get The Last Girl published. Movellas was really supportive and helped me with every last detail. It was very kind of them.


Q10) You’ve said that you’re a huge fan of Taylor Swift and One Direction, why hasn’t Taylor Swift got any fan fiction? What is it about One Direction that works in fiction?


One Direction fan fiction is more popular than Taylor Swift fan fiction because there are five different member in One Direction, so there are many more different characteristics for people to like and want to read about as opposed to Taylor Swift who is just one person.



Q11) We know this is tough but; who is your favourite member of One Direction?


My favorite member of One Direction would have to be Liam Payne. I love his personality in interviews and I think he is so funny. He is the first one to sing in the first song I heard by them, 'What Makes You Beautiful', so he was the first one I saw in the music video. I loved his voice and thought he was really cute. He became the first one I knew the name of and I could point him out in group pictures when I didn't know the others. I guess that has just stuck with me for the past two years. I am a Liam's girl, definitely.


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