The Forever Song: Illustration Competition Results

We announce the winners of The Forever Song alternate cover design competion! 

Love, Revenge, Betrayal and, what else? Vampires! We are very excited to announce the winners of The Forever Song Illustration Competition to design an alternate cover for The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa.  There were an astounding 99 entries to choose from! The winner has won design feedback from a professional cover designer and the runners up will receive a signed copy of The Forever Song! Congratulations!


This striking cover reflected all the themes in the book. A number one win for @River_Summers

Feed back:

#1  Nice image selection! This strongly references the genre with it’s use of the red and black colour scheme - but avoids a literal depiction of fangs, blood etc. This is a savy strategy; it gives a potential reader a clue that both the charcter’s identity AND the plot have “more to it” than merely a classic vampire love story. The strong vertical shape from the red fabric is itself beautiful and eye-catching; perhaps even non- paranormal readers might find it attractive and give it a chance. The designer has given the type design and placement a lot of thought and attention.

Constructive criticsim: a little more black “space” at the top and bottom of the cover would frame the figure even more dramatically.


The striking cover image by @miss_gray caught the designers eye.




The unusual pastel colour scheme from @J.K.Panesar made for an intreguing entry. 




Dramatic contrast by @MoonAvis



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