Movellas Author Gets Published On Amazon!

Something really exciting has been happening on Movellas. Our very own @Rileyes is having one of her movellas published as an Amazon ebook!



Movellas is all about reading, writing and sharing and sometimes a movella comes along that really catches our attention.  And your attention! This particular story has over 82,000 views, is on more than 7,500 of your favourite lists and most impressively has had over  8,600 comments left, which is one of the highest comments to reads ratios of any story ever published on Movellas, showing how engaged the community has been with it . Have you guessed what it is yet? That’s right, it’s Book One in The Slave Auction Trilogy by Riley Shasteen.


It has a glitzy new cover and a new title.  The Slave Auction is being published as The Last Girl (Part One of The Slave Auction Trilogy) and will be available on Amazon here from TODAY! 



It is because of the Movellas community and the attention and enthusiasm that you guys have shown for The Slave Auction on Movellas that we’ve decided to work with Rileyes to publish the e-book.  Movellas has given editorial advice and proofread the book, to make the publishing process as smooth as possible and we’ve also consulted with Rileyes on the cover design, which you all know is a very important part of stories getting attention.  


Movellas has aspirations to find even more amazing young talent and to share that talent with the wider world outside of Movellas (yes it does exist) If you spot a story that you think deserves to be published, share it with your friends in and outside of Movellas and let us know about it.


Look out for more from us and Rileyes over the next few weeks, including your opportunity to #AskRiley questions. In the meantime you can download The Last Girl for FREE on Amazon for just three days from midnight tomorrow (25th - 27th of June). If you would like to write an Amazon review it will really help promote Rileyes to the top!

Rileyes has been an active Movellian for almost 2 years and you can read all of her writing on her Movellas profile.

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