Political Winners

by , Sunday November 24, 2013
Political Winners

Political Journalist Winning Writers

Hi. I'm Shadia and I've been interning with Movellas for a few weeks. I am currently studying for a Masters in International Politics, so judging this competition was right up my street. All you budding journalists transported me, here, there and everywhere, passionately depicting matters that enraged, inspired and enthralled you all.  The content of the pieces varied so widely making it not only a interesting experience but an educational one too! And, adhering to the characteristics of great journalism, many entries encapsulated the persuasive style, engaging content and unique flare that we see from the professionals.


When writing a politically motivated piece, research is always advised.  Considering the natural opinionated responses to issues like the change of the educational system proposed by Micheal Gove, responsive quotes and interviews from fellow students can add individuality to your stories. On other issues that are based further from home, keep reading around the issue to make sure your information is accurate and justly representative.


Given the diversity of entries, it was incredibly difficult to choose just a winner, but B. Anonoymous dealt with a sensitive and important subject incredibly well and managed to convey the urgency for recognition and discussion of the issue. The winning piece of political journalism is a hard hitting look at the Female Genital Mutilation: 

"Mummy'll fetch the Scissors..."


Warning: this movella has been rated yellow and does contain content that is likely to shock some readers. 


and I also felt compelled to highlight some runners up that I thought desrved a special mention:

These Blurred Lines


The F word

Scottish Independance 

GCSE changes 

A Burning issue


and here are two slightly different takes on political journalism with both entries deciding to use a poetic form to articulate their veiws:

Eye for an Eye

Calling for Freedom


The winner will receive a typewriter, as suggested by the Movellas community and all runners up will have their movellas featured for the next few weeks.

I'll leave you with some Shadia words of wisdom. The key to journalism is not just about what you write. Writing is secondary. First and foremost a Journalist has to FIND a story. Find a unique and original angle on a topic that will make it stand out. And once you find it, go out and get it. In this, a Journalist without a journal is not a journalist at all. It is imperative to have writing material with you at ALL times, in case you see or hear anything relevant to your piece.  

Never stop writing! Just don’t forget a pen! 


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