The Papella Time Winners

by , Friday October 11, 2013
The Papella Time Winners

The nominations are in...


Last week we asked you all to nominate the incredible movellas that you think deserved to be printed as papellas - we then let you vote and can now reveal the winning three movellas: 


Cyber Louis nominated by CorkyPorky

Victoriana nominated by JKPanesar

Hannelore nominated by E.H.Weaver 


And in the spirit of sharing, not only will the authors win papellas, so will the three users who nominated the winning movellas (with permission from the original authors, of course)!


We think the papellas look and feel amazing, and cannot wait to hear what all the winners think of their copies. But... just because you didn't win doesn't mean you can't see your movella on printed paper... 


Simply click "Order Papella" when viewing your movellas or the "Papella" tab when editing a story to do this - although your story will have to have more than 3,500 words for this to work. And, for a limited time only, we will be reducing the cost of this to £5 ($8, €6), so act fast! 





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