by , Wednesday September 18, 2013

The moment has finally come… the moment so many of you have been dreaming of… so many of you have been asking for…


It has taken a lot of thinking, ripped up plans, tears in the office and long nights, but we are ready to unveil the biggest change in Movellas’ history… the change that might just change everything for the better... that might just end the war between the fighting factions of Movellas, bringing peace, harmony and happiness...



Movellas Fandoms!


The fandoms are a way to provide a dedicated space for fan fiction stories and for people looking to connect and discuss a particular fandom. We have started with the biggest fandoms, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Harry Potter and Twilight, but will be adding more fandoms over the next few months. What fandoms would you like to see? Tell us and help shape the way Movellas Fandoms develops.


To create the first few fandoms, we’ve moved all fan fiction content into the fandoms. We might have got things wrong and there might be the occasional story in the wrong fandom, but with your help we can correct these mistakes. This is just the first step. There will have to be lots more improvements to make this as good as it can be, and we need your feedback to do that!


We hope you like this solution. We like it because it is also great for authors not that interested in fan fiction as they will be able to find more of the stories they want to read and more of the authors they want to talk to.


This is a very exciting step for Movellas and Movellians, no matter what part of the site and community you particularly like. Now, go experiment and tell us what you think!





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