Your new ambassadors!

by , Tuesday September 3, 2013
Your new ambassadors!

We've finally chosen the next generation of ambassadors...

who are here to help you with your Movellas experience!


After several frantic and surprisingly enjoyable weeks spent reading through some truly amazing applications, we've finally decided on the new generation of ambassadors!


With so many amazing authors joining Movellas with a variety of interests and talents, we decided you needed more ambassadors who were dedicated to a specific role. With that in mind, we launched the application process in July.


You can read the original post, find out the details about each role and watch the video here.


Everyone at Movellas wants to say a massive thank you to the positive reaction and awesome applications we received. Congratulations if you are part of this intake, but don't feel too disheartened if you didn't quite make it this time... there was over a hundred applications and we will definitely be recruiting more ambassadors in the near future.  


You can see all of the ambassadors by looking under the 'People' tab or by the badge next to their profile name. Emails with more details and specific roles will be being sent out in the next couple of days.  


We can't wait to see the awesome impact that this incredible group have on the harmony, growth and enjoyment on Movellas! 

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