VORTEX: The Winners

by , Tuesday September 3, 2013
VORTEX: The Winners

What did you think corporations do behind closed doors? Let's find out!

It's safe to say that VORTEX was a competition full of original ideas that captured both our world and others in dramatically altered situations and with corporations at the root of everything. We've had minions in the TARDIS, menacing bosses and genetic manipulation, but the winners are... 
Congratulations! You will each win a MaKey MaKey and a copy of VORTEX with a signed bookplate.
You can find out more about INSIGNIA and VORTEX by clicking on the links. 
A little bit more about me; my name's Chloe, I write poetry and I've been doing my work experience with Movellas! Feel free to drop me a line and I'll happily CC your work! 
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