Introducing... a new movellas intern!

Molly Looby is at Movellas HQ this week, where there will be plenty of blogging, chatting and feedbacking. 


Hi! I’m Molly Looby, which is both my real name and my Movellas username. This week I’m doing work experience with Movellas and I’m really excited to be working alongside the team. I’m going to be helping them out in any way I can and maybe giving my criticism where it’s wanted. Now would probably be a good time to say that I love writing reviews of books I’ve just read (as well as writing my own stories of course!) and just five short minutes after putting a book down, my laptop’s on my lap and I’m typing away.


I’ve been a member of the Movellas website since February 2013 and the first thing I noticed was the sense of community on the website that you don’t always get in writing environments.  I was a shortlisted Movellian for the Sony Young Movellist of the Year Award 2013 and I met some of the team at the awards ceremony, as well as other Movellians.  It was a fantastic experience to chat with the other shortlistees and Movellians. Most importantly, the people behind the usernames are just as friendly in real life as on the web!


Writing is my passion and I feel as though I’ve picked up so many tips and so much advice along the way. To share this with you, I’m going to blog about different topics to do with writing. I’ll tackle the big ones first: characters, description and action. But hopefully I’ll be able to help you with creating your own world, narration and the technical stuff too.


So for this week I can be a link between you and everyone here in the Movellas office, so feel free to contact me if you have something you want the team to know or if you have anything particular you’re stuck on writing-wise and want me to blog about.  I’d be happy to help.


Meanwhile, just keep writing!

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