Polly Courtney selects the winners!

Your entries have taken us across the globe via some wondrous and incredible voices...

now we can announce the winners.


Voice is one of the most important parts of creating distinctive and original writing, or building worlds and characters. Writing phonetically isn't always neccesary, but it is a great way to exercise your writing muscles... and you all certainly did that! 


Polly Courtney was given the job of reading all the different entries, immersing herself in the different voices and worlds you created, and here are her favourites:



Ifs and Buts by B.Anonymous

‘Chavvy’ Chelsee Barne has hair extensions and tracksuits; ‘Chavvy’ Chelsee Barne will bite and she will steal if need be; but ‘Chavvy’ Chelsee Barne has a voice worth listening to, and a half of The Story that isn’t found printed on the pages of the Daily Mail. So maybe it’s good to give faces to the hoodies, names to the rioters, life and voices to today’s feral youth-and maybe we’ll all be better off for it…


Strawberry Mansion by さくら❀

For the street slang contest. Sofia is a second generation Puerto-Rican American with big dreams of being the first in her family to go to a college. Not just any college though, but University of Pennsylvania. An Ivy League. Unfortunately, she lives in one of the worst areas of Philadelphia, where drugs and gang violence are rampant. Will her dreams give way to crime?


Irish Slang by MindlessMatter

‘Janey Mack*, Colleen! You’re screwed now! Winnebago got it off Brendan that he shifted yeh. What in the name of Jaysus* were yeh thinkin’? This is diabolical* so it is! You better go on the doss* or you won’t be back alive for dinner. I’ll try talk some sense into Winnebago in the meantime.’ As usual Josie rushed to get everything out in under a minute. That girl could talk the head off a camel.



Congratulations to all the winners! This competition was different to any that we’ve run before and we were really impressed with all of the entries!


Our awesome friends at have taken care of first prize. B.Anonymous will win a unique copy of Feral Youth with their own chapter printed at the front. A-mazing! All three winners will win a signed copy of Feral Youth.


If you'd like more info on Polly or her book Feral Youth you can check it out here.


Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to seeing all your entries next time we ask you to flex your writing muscles!


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