A bird? A plane? No... it's a papella!

You might have seen a little blue button appear yesterday... and you might have thought "what is that and how do I use it!"


We love reading and we love writing - computers and the internet are an incredible way to explore this passion and connect with like minded individuals all over the world. Hence, Movellas! 


But we also love books. Like traditional books made of lots of bits of paper The way they feel, the way they smell, the way the edges turn up after they have been read in the bath... and we think there is a good chance you love them too. 


More than that, we think there is a pretty good chance you want to see your movellas printed on books made of lots of bits of paper and beautifully bound. So we had a long hard think at Movellas Towers and came up with papellas (don't get confused with propellers or you will end up with something very different). 


You can now turn any of your movellas into a papella by going to the 'Edit' page of your chosen story, scrolling down to a new button just below 'Share', and clicking 'Order papella'. 




Your computer will jump forward to a page explaining everything in much more detail, about how long your story needs to be (3,500 words minimum), how much it will cost (8 pound a book or equivalent) and when it will arrive (within 10 days). 


This feature is still very new and in beta (i.e. it isn't as easy to use as we want it to be), but your printed book will still look great and the order process is absolutely safe and secured by PayPal. 


We would love your feedback on this - what you love, what you hate, what you neither love nor hate... and we would love you to start ordering and posting photos of your printed book to our Facebook page. 

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