Movellas Ambassadors

by , Monday July 22, 2013
Movellas Ambassadors

After six months of trialing our Ambassador programme and watching twenty incredible young movellians offer advice, help, feedback and tips to the community and movellas team, we think it is time to improve and expand.



This time round, there are four different ambassadorial positions you can apply for:


The publicist should be a bit of a social media guru – an avid user of social media with a big following on Movellas. Maybe you have ambitions to work in marketing or publicity. You can help us by spotting important news that might be relevant to teens and Young Adult fiction, sharing the best movellas and helping promote our writing competitions. 


The guide is a mix of consultant and companion. Friendly, social and active, the guide’s responsibilities are to welcome new members to the community, answer any questions and notify us when users are not adhering to the rules. Great for people who enjoy the social side of movellas and have an urge to help.


The editor should be both a dedicated writer and reader. Passionate about Movellas and its exciting place within the writing community, perhaps with plans to study literature or work as an Editor. The main duty is to provide supportive feedback and constructive criticism, but there will also be opportunities to judge competitions, discover new talent or help as we publish more movellians.


The fanbassador is in a world of its own, quite literally. You need to be an expert on a certain fandom (e.g. One Direction, Justin Bieber, Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter…) and be ready to prove it! Perhaps you are a user on communities related to that fandom or have attended events around the country or even world. We need you to help us reach out to the wider fan base, help manage the fandom on Movellas by creating organized groups, promoting popular stories and flagging inappropriate content.



To apply for the programme, please email with your full name and the position you’re applying for (you can only apply for one) in the subject line. Please include a bit about yourself as well as how you fill the requirements. You can do this by screenshotting some of your activity, linking to other profiles, or simply describing why you feel you can fill this position. You can also end with a bit more about yourself such as related hobbies, education or simply why you love Movellas. Just try to make sure your email is no longer than a page.


Then, after a few manic weeks sorting through applications, the new ambassadors will be revealed, badges and all!


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