The Sony Young Movellist: The Winner

Monday night was the inaugural Sony Young Movellist event at King's Place - now you can all celebrate with the winning novel! 


"And the winner is... 


Helen Hiorns for The Name On Your Wrist"


Wow - what an evening! I'm sure that Alix's blog has given you a taste of how Monday night unfolded and made everyone very excited to read the winning novel... if you read the first three chapters on Movellas this excitement can only increase. 


So, how did we get to that announcement? 


Firstly, we introduced the incredible shortlist to the audience:





Then, Malorie Blackman's long time publisher Annie Eaton was invited to the stage to announce the final three:


MY CORRUPTED LUNGS by Kyra Schlachter




Finally, we came to the announcement that everyone was waiting for... but before that, some critical acclaim from Random House for Helen's story: 


This entry instantly stood out to us, for the quality of the writing, the feisty and complicated but extremely likeable main character, and the fact that it gripped us right from the first paragraph. The concept of the story is brilliant: at first glance, very simple, but incredibly complex under the surface. And it’s thought-provoking, too. All the way through, you’re asking yourself questions: what would I do if I lived in this world? What choices would I make? Would I fall into line, or would I rebel? For us, it has all the marks of a really talented writer, and we think it’s a very deserving winner.


And then we were left with our amazing winner, who quickly stole the show with a few jokes. 



We have stolen enough of your time - go and buy the novel from one of the below stores! Shout about it from the rooftops! Leave glowing five star reviews for it!    







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