The Sony Young Movellist of The Year Awards Evening

The Sony Young Movellist of The Year Awards Evening

From internet hugs to real ones and seeing a teenage movellian instantly transform into a published author- this was the excitement of The Sony Young Movellist of The Year Awards Evening, held last night in Kings Place in London!


"I hate being late to anything," I moaned to my friend Aoife, as we half ran, half walked up the street to the gleaming gigantic gallery that was so near, yet so far away. 


"35 York Place," she mumbled under her breath, "We've got ages yet."


And any other person reading this who were lucky enough to attend the Sony Young Movellist of The Year awards evening last night will most likely understand what I mean when I say how long that street was, unless you are organised and punctual and generally a better human being than I am, and you managed to get there on time.


However when Aoife and I finally raced through those revolving doors (we were definitely too excited about them!) we noticed that the people were only just beginning to file into the gallery, and we quickly joined the crowd and pretended that we hadn't only just arrived, having to desperatley control our heavy breathing to do so. My initial thought was that the venue was absolutely fantastic; art galleries are similar to bookshops in the sense that they are two of the nicest places to be, and you can spend hours there without anyone thinking you odd at all.


And the very best suprise was waiting for me as soon as I entered the room- sitting there I instantly recognised Rhiannon (known as IceCreamGirl on Movellas!) who has been an amazing supportive friend for many months, almost as soon as I joined Movellas in fact, and it was the best feeling to finally meet her face to face. But the lovely suprises were far from over, as when I sat down a girl approached me and introduced herself as none other than Annie. G (Annabel Green) who was one of the first people to provide me with feedback for one of my stories, and has been an amazing critique, supporter and friend ever since. One of the highlights of my evening then happened soon after, when I wished Annabel the best of luck with her book 'The Mendacii Key' (which was kindly sponsered by)  


she replied with something that I think pretty much sums up the feeling that a lot of the movellians who were present were thinking. Annabel replied with a smile, a shrug and a, "Oh I don't mind. It's just amazing being here to meet everyone finally!"


And that, along with countless other things as well, is what I think made the evening the great success that it was. The shortlisters were all so smiley and chatty and everyone seemed to be getting along so well; quite an accomplisment from my point of view seeing as we had only met each other less than an hour ago! The atmosphere was great, people were chatting and getting to know each other and there was even some networking going on (mentioning no names- Annie!) and I managed to chat to as many of you there as possible; including Helen who was lovely and suprisingly modest despite her recent incredible victory! I don't want to ramble too much about Helen's book 'The Name On Your Wrist' because nothing I say will do it any justice- I have devoured the first three chapters and seriously cannot wait to read the whole thing, she is an incredibly talented writer and I am sure I am right in saying that all of us younger writers look up to her as a literary role model and are so proud of what she has achieved! I also met Jodie (SlenderMan_ on Movellas!) who was lovely and I was very impressed that she had travelled all the way from Cardiff to be there- not that it wasn't worth it! I'm sure people would have travelled all the way from Australia to be there, everyone enjoyed it that much.


So overall, the Sony Young Movellist of The Year Awards Evening was seriously the best evening out I have had in a long time, and these are not just empty words! Meeting the people I have been talking to constantly online for over a year in person was an experience I will never forget- mostly because I found that they were exactly the same person online and in flesh, there were no pretences! Obviously the Movellas tote bag and Malorie Blackman book (!) was a massive bonus, but it just added to the magical atmosphere of the whole evening, and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. All the initial dissapointment of not making the shortlist was quickly reduced to excitement and nervousness as we waited to hear the winner, and I think we can all agree that Helen was an incredibly deserving winner! 

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