Gaming Winners

by , Friday July 12, 2013
Gaming Winners

Movellas Level Up

The movellas have battled it out and the winners are in


Your swift typing and sharpened pens have all been put to good use and the literary battles have been fought. Characters based from every gaming sphere imaginable fought it out. The dust has settled and the leaders table is here:


In the US and UK Realm:

Assassin’s Creed: Reminiscence by Midnight Rogue

Dues Ex: Human Revolution by C.Alexander

Dead Island by La Volpe


In the International Realm:

Resident Evil: Sacrifices and Decisions by Wild & Young

Respawn? by Yeah, it’s me

Malistaire by Magnus G. Neigaard



Congratulations to all the winners and keep fighting those literary battles! Don’t forget to help your fellow soldiers and look out for the next battle!

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