The Mini Sony Young Movellist Winners

The last set of results is here... With the help of the Reading Agency, we've finally decided on the winners to the Mini-Movellist Competition!


The Mini-Movellist award was for those who entered the first few chapters of their novel to movellas, but didn't manage to follow up with a full novel in the time allowed. After reading through the countless, amazing entries submitted, one winner and two runner-ups have been chosen for the Mini-Movellist Awards.


There were so many unique, original submissions with great starts to a novel that left us (and the Reading Agency) on the edge of our seats, wanting to know more. Stories about bullying, self-harm, travelling, falling in love, taking a leap of faith, growing up, dealing with deamons.... The topics discussed, and the range of genres submitted was boundless, and gave us a lot of variety in our reading. With so many incredible submissions, picking three was an extremely difficult task.


However, despite the number of gripping, well-written entries, we had to decide on three stories. 


Here are the winners:


First place: Impulse by Phoebe Morakinyo, 15 from London

Mr Heron’s neck quivered beneath the blade, red liquid pooling up where the tip of the knife barely pierced his pasty skin. A single drop of blood trailed down his neck. My eyes snapped upwards, fixing on his transparent blue-green eyes. They sent a silent plea, begging for what I was about to rob him of. In them I saw everything: his year old girlfriend, his teenage daughter, his family. His life. And I was about to take it away from him.


Runner-ups: The Reaper Diaries by Hannah Coster, 17 from 

I’m Death. Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Grim reaper. Evil forces. Your name on a list. Coming to get you in the dark of the night, rip you away because it’s your time to go. But it doesn’t really work like that. Nobody has a time. It just happens.


1963 by Lily Woods, 17 from London 

It wasn't supposed to be something you remembered. A fling, a momentary bout of recklessness that would linger in the newspapers - local not worldwide - for mere weeks afterward. I won't say that I regretted what I did because I didn't - even though it seemed to wreck those around me. I won't say that I enjoyed ruining her entire life because I didn't - not really. And I won't say that I love him because I didn't. I didn't. I simply adored him.


The lucky winner will receive a mentoring session with a professional writer, courtesy of the Reading Agency.  


Well done to everyone, there were so many brilliant stories to choose from. Keep writing and better luck next time. And, of course, congratulations to the winners! 


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