The First Papellas

by , Monday June 10, 2013
The First Papellas

Have you ever fantasised about reading your favourite movella on paper... well, for this week only, you're in luck!


The Movellas creative engine is powering forward and leaving new ideas in its wake. The latest? Printing your favourite movellas in beautiful book format. 


All you have to do to see this dream realised is to leave a comment below with the name of the movella you want to see turned into a book and delivered to you plus the reason why. Each day we will choose a different winner to receive one of the first free papellas!


And don't worry, if your movella is chosen by another movellian, we will ask permission before printing it as a book. 


Simple? Simple. 




The first papella we print? Alex Browning's Captivating. Congratulations! Now, today's challenge is to come up with an invention... any invention... the user who comes up with the best can have their movella turned into a papella! 


Update 2:


The winner today is... White Ravens. Although some of the ideas and inventions were incredibly clever and desirable, there is something about a  'unicorn machine' that can't quite be beaten. Today's task? Invent a new word - the best, or at least the most original and exciting, can have their book turned into a papella! Good luck.  


Update 3:


A unanimous decision in the Movellas office... "suavestache" (making a moustache with your hands to show that someone has sauve - obviously!) is the winning word. Potterhead will have their movella printed as a book. Today's challenge is to write the first line to a story with the title "An Unfortunate Apocalypse." 


Update 4: 


The winning sentence is the following GEM by Moomin98: "The apocalypse was, in all its ashen glory, unfortunate; even more so was the giant dustpan and brush needed to clean it all up." Funny, evocative, well written and attention grabbing all at once! Now, the last chance to see your movella turned into a papella... will be revelead via email on Monday! 

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