The Sony Young Movellist International Winners

The second batch of results to our exciting Sony Young Movellist Competition is here... The international winners!


The wait is finally over, and the results are up... After much consultation between our staff here at Movellas, and the hard workers at Random House, the official list of international winners has arrived!

We'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated; congratulations on even completing a full novel. With so many talented submissions, it was an extremely tough judging process, especially given the variety and unique style of each writer. We had some really fantastic entries from all over the world: Canada, US, Asia, Australia... Some of you had been working on your story for more than a year, and some of you completed it within the short competition time-frame -- both are incredibly impressive, and show real focus and dedication, to say the least. So we'd just like to applaud all of you for your hard work, and praise your accomplishment. 


Now, onto the winners:


1st place: Tentative by Anna Justine Leader, 16 from Luxembourg

At the impossible hour of half past four on a September morning, I huddled with a group of sleepy teenagers in a check-in queue at Charles de Gaulle, clutching cappuccinos and comparing passport photos. We were heading to a Model Government conference in Budapest, and our chaperones had booked the cheapest flights possible— which explained the early departure, strict baggage limit, and four-hour layover in Amsterdam.


Runner-Ups: Explaining by Hamish Clark, 17 from New Zealand 

How do I explain death to my child? How do I tell the two green eyes that are staring at me, that the same eyes will never look upon his mother again? That he can never know the sight of her walking with the sunlight as a shroud, that he can never see her face, can never savour her breath, can never be held by her or hold her or hide from her or go to her when the world is bleak. How can I explain to him the immeasurable injustice of this, the mindless and directionless way that his mother has been snatched from him and every trace of her removed from the day and the rest of all days? 


               Innocent Eyes by Jen Kuenstling, 19 from Iowa

“Checkmate,” I said, looking up from the board for the first time in minutes.  In doing so, I caught a glimpse of the clock behind my uncle’s head.  My gosh, how could it be 11:15 already?  No wonder both my parents had vanished.  They were probably asleep by now.

            I took all this in, blinking, and then looked back at my opponent.  My uncle grinned at me, his blue eyes a mirror reflection of my own.


The lucky winner will receive Malorie Blackman’s entire teen backlist, published by Random House, and a Sony Reader. The two runner-ups will also receive Malorie's entire teen backlist. Well done to the winners, and to everyone who entered, and good luck next time!


The winner of the Mini Sony Young Movellist Competition, who ONLY submitted the first three chapters of their novel, will be announced as a separate blogpost within the next week, so keep your eyes on the lookout!

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