The Historical Fiction Winners

The Historical Fiction contest is now in the past... Time to announce the lucky winners!


There were so many well-researched, innovative entries that it was extremely hard to decide! Extracts taken from the World Wars, from different perspectives, entries taking us back to the Roman Empire, stories offering us a new perspective on life in Europe during the 19th century - from a middle-class man's POV to an aristocratic noblewoman's POV… The creativity in format and style was also endless: entries written as a poem, in diary format, or as a series of letters… It's needless to say the variety and range of submissions received (taking us back to different times, and different countries) made for good reading!
So even though it was a very difficult decision, without further ado, here are the winners:

A fledgling, disheveled, undernourished, thin boy trundled nervously into the booking room, staring up at the two Priests rubbernecking down at him from the chaotic desk. It had been raining that day, the boys straw-coloured hair was scrambled and soaking wet, dripping droplets of liquid onto the floor and his damaged boots leaving small prints as he treaded through the room.

The longboats cut the sea as the sun rose one winter’s dawn. The waves lapped peacefully over the wooden hulls, as the seagulls screeched and dived into the waters, rising and flying far off with a flopping fish between their wet beaks. Kjarval, a captain of sorts, watched with mild intrigue as a gull flew off in the direction in which his fleet was heading, the fish’s blood splattering wildly as it struggled in the fatal grip of its predator.
Cleopatra's eyes fluttered softly as she tossed and turned in the coolness of the night. Moonlight fell across the centre of the room to form a square patch of light on the marble floor. A corner of the sheet that covered her sleeping form wafted gently in the breeze from the balcony. The night was quiet, still, serene.
We'd also like to give a special mention to our 'originality' winners, A Portrait of Forever, and The First Prank Call, who will also receive prizes!
Last but not least, I'd just like to take a second to introduce myself properly. My name's Nilu, I'm an aspiring writer, and an avid reader and editor. Have been working here as an intern for a month, and it's been a really exciting experience, to be honest. Judging competitions is a gruelling task, but it's also a lot of fun, and it's really allowed me to see how much amazing talent there is on here. I've also been following your comments and mumbles, and it's crazy (in the best sense!) how passionate some of you are about Movellas. Anyway, if any of you ever want any feedback or constructive criticism on your work, please let me know, because I'm here to help. Other than that, feel free to drop me a comment or question if you have one, and keep writing!
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