The Movellas Makeover

by , Wednesday June 5, 2013
The Movellas Makeover

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe


You’ve probably noticed that everything looks a bit different on Movellas. Team Movellas has secretly been working day and night over the past few months to create a new, more modern Movellas layout. We’re all really excited about it and have been looking forward to sharing it with you. 


Here’s Movellas BM (Before Makeover):



And Movellas AM (After Makeover):



The way we see it, Movellas has become a bit brighter, a bit more modern,  a bit rounder, adapting with the times, but we know that it takes a bit of time to get used to new designs and formats and we know it won’t be to everyone’s taste! So, we’d like to make it even better, but for that, we need your help.


Have you found anything that you think could be improved?


We’ve already had feedback on the italic forum font for example and the issues this is causing and the hidden logout button and our development team is working on fixing this.  But what else do you think needs changing? How else can we improve the new design.


This is your website and we want you to have a part in shaping it, so please leave your feedback here for us to collect, digest and apply!


Much love,


Team Movellas

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