The Sony Young Movellist Shortlist

It is finally time... after much consultation between Movellas, the Reading Agency and Random House, we are ready to announce our shortlist of ten incredible novels. 


This has been one of the hardest judging experiences - over a hundred novels were submitted, each with a distinct style, unique voice and captivating plotline. I don't think anyone involved in the competition could believe the consistently high quality of writing, made especially outstanding because of the age of so many of the authors. We will be releasing a collected feedback post next week. 


In no particular order, here is the shortlist:   


WINGS by Danielle Paige, 16 from Norfolk


MY CORRUPTED LUNGS by Kyra Schlachter. 16 from Essex


GIRL WITH A THOUSAND FACES by Emma Yeo, 17 from Tyne and Wear


NAME UPON YOUR WRIST  by Helen Hiorns, 19 from Coventry


THE LIVES WE LIVE by Edie Dams, 14 from Brighton


THE ART OF FORGETTING by Warona Jolomba., 16 from Warwickshire


THE THORN IN MY FLESH by Alexandra Morley. 19 from Kingston


GIFT: THE REBELLION by Saskia Ross, 16 from Buckinghamshire


I DARE YOU by Molly Looby, 18 from Essex


THE MENDACII KEY by Annabel Green, 15 from Somerset


The winner and runners up will be announced on the 15th of July 2013 at a glamorous awards ceremony, at King’s Place, London, sponsored by Sony Reader Store. International winners will be contacted in the next 2 weeks and a separate announcement made. 


We will be running several activities in the coming weeks where you could win tickets to attend, so make sure you keep checking back.  

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