On Dublin Street: Love and Loss: The Winners

The incredibly moving winners of our Love and Loss: Inspired by On Dublin Street contest.  


The winner of a years supply of books, courtesy of Penguin:



by tawny_owl


5 notable mentions:

(tissues at the ready, these tug at the heart!)


Kaleidoscope of Memories


For the hundredth time tonight, someone tries to call my phone. With my emotions running on high, I get frustrated at the fact someone wants to talk to me. I take the battery out of my phone and throw it across the room, starting to cry, once again, when the battery hits the far wall. Someone knocks on the door and I just scream. I realize I'll have to apologize tomorrow, but my heart was just torn out and thrown onto the street.




Slowly peeling back her sleepy eyes, she was met with a blurry figure almost nose to nose with her. Although she was still half asleep and struggling to focus, his mischievous smile was instantly noticeable; she couldn’t be, even slightly, irked by the interruption to her peaceful slumber. “Why are you up so early? Come back to bed.”


Times Have Changed


Life is like weather. You dress in a sundress and sandals, relying only on the information you received from the weather channel a few days ago. Then, once you walk outside, you're soaked in the tears of clouds, wondering how you allowed yourself to be so stupid.


Fighting For Love


“Whatever happens tomorrow, I don’t want any tears on your beautiful face.” I put a hand on my mouth trying to silence the chokes of pain. How could he be so positive in a time like this? How could he be so damn brave?


Drops of Water


A drop of water lands on the left side of my upper lip. I leave it there, feeling its touch, in control of that one little thing. My lip is tingling. The night air swirls around me. Dark green, deep blue, shady grey; all smudged into blackness. A corner of smooth pebbles encased in rough concrete presses into the underside of my legs; letting coldness seep into my skin. The yellow boots are still next to me. Have I been here all this time? I think I’m smiling. My head and chest feel like they’re glowing with emanating warmth.




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