World Book Day Story Chain: Part 2

Happy World Book Day - celebrate with a game of story chain!


Today, we have added four more incredible stories by four incredible authors to the World Book Day YA app! To celebrate, we asked each of them to write the first line of a Movellas story chain. There are 30 more lines to write for each story, so plenty of time to get involved and play the game!


Patrick Ness - ENTER HERE
"It's reached the front door," he said.  I looked past him, out the window.  The darkness covered everything. "We're too late," he said.

Dawn O’Porter - ENTER HERE
I pondered over the question for ages before I could think of an answer. How could I admit the most embarrassing thing about my body?

Chris Ryan - ENTER HERE
The man who'd been following him had disappeared, so he continued to the meeting point. He walked quickly. If he was late, people would die.

Alex Scarrow - ENTER HERE
It hung there, right above us, threatening, like a sword of Damocles. It looked at the others. 'Well? Any suggestions?'





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