1SHOT41D: the winners

by , Tuesday February 19, 2013
1SHOT41D: the winners

WOW - nearly 600 Valentine's dates later, we have a winner!


There was an incredible set of entries and enthusiasm for this contest. The dates were a good mix of: crazy, cute, mental, lovely, romantic, hot. A LOT of you spent your fantasy Valentine's with Harry (to be expected, right?), but there was a lot of love for everyone. 


In no order, here are the ten winners: 



A Special Love

Happy Valentine's Day

Just Forget The World..

That Special Somewhere

Fighting For You 


I'll be the one

Anchored My Heart

My Valentine Stranger


All of them, plus a bunch more, have been included in our 1D Valentine's App! Well done to everyone who entered and everyone who came in the top ten. Keep on the lookout for more awesome competition's and apps! 

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