What's around the corner for Movellas?

Missed all our awesome announcements last week? Can't wait to see what this week has in store? 


As always, things were very busy at Movellas HQ last week - more competitions, new features and some great activities. Make sure you're not missing out on anything by filling out our checklist below:


1) Enter The Fault In Our Stars contest .

2) Read all the winning stories and authors from this years Movellys. 

3) Check out the winning entries from the Crossover Contest. 

4) Comment on the Haylor breakup and see if it has inspired your creativity. 

5) Start nominating your favourite stories for the World Book Day YA app, which is being powered by Movellas.


And keep your eyes peeled for everything we are announcing this week, including: 


1) Two very romantic competitions.

2) The deadline for the Cover Competition passing and the winners being announced.

3) All of our fun updates on twitter and Facebook


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