Fan Fic Crossover Contest: The Winners

Check out the incredible winners of our crossover contest!


WOW! Some of the entries to this competition were just awesome.. so creative, so well written, so enjoyable to read. Choosing three was hard. You all really enjoyed using Hogwarts and the Reaping as ways to make the crossover (the winning entry used both!), but it was great to see a selection of books, films and characters being used. 


1) The Hogwarts Games by Chetna



The owl with Lily’s Hogwarts letter had found her more than two month in advance to the actual day, September 1st, when she would be beginning her first year at Hogwarts. Traditionally, this was supposed to be a day filled with excited talking and laughter for any wizard child, knowing that in some time, they could proudly call a legendary place like Hogwarts their second home. Of course, until two years ago when Albus was going to be a first-year, Lily couldn’t wait to go to Hogwarts herself. But now that the day was finally drawing closer, Albus knew that his sister was in no way rejoicing.


Hogwarts just wasn’t the same anymore.


2) The Great Escape by sleepisfortheweak and Demon Kitsune


John sat in his old flat, the one he had never been bothered to sell, especially because the rent came so cheap and it was so close to a tube station that he couldn't bear to let it go. He also didn't want to sell it because he thought it would be a safe place for him to go just in case Sherlock became too much to handle, but for some reason, he never thought that about him. He sat there, on his bed of clean linen and closed curtains, and stared at the grey walls. He missed the cluttered walls and desktops of 221B, the scent of slightly burnt toast from the cafe below. He missed his best friend. 


3) The Raggedy Man by Potterhead4597



"Wingardium Leviosa!", I whispered, making a spare quill float upwards into the air. I waved my wand lazily and the quill drifted backwards and forwards.


I was sat in the Gryffindor common room alone. Normally the common room was busy; people would be curled up on the plush scarlet sofas, chatting about their day or playing wizard's chess on the table by the window, while the sun set behind the hills. Some people would be practising magic, seeing who could do the best spells. Others would be rushing through a piece of homework that was due the next day.

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