Winners:  What's Hidden On Your Street

What’s going on behind closed doors?


Well here behind the big glass doors (actually they're very small) of the Movellas office we’ve been judging your entries for the ‘What’s Hidden On Your Street?’ competition.

We set you the challenge of imagining what was happening on the street where you live/lived/would like to live and then write a movella about it. The possibilities were endless, and you did not fail to deliver fresh and interesting perspectives on what you thought had happened or even potentially what could happen around your area.


Congratulations to every one who took part and to the three winners:

1st: The Window Seat Where Charlie McGavin Sat by Aliceee

The familiar scent of musky country clothes and fresh ale filled the old tavern as I sat in my usual cushioned window seat, gazing out of the frosted glass into the dimly lit street beyond.


2nd :Hidden In The Street by Assassin Ezlo

In our neighborhood, nothing happens. Its just a world full of old Victorian houses cluttered together like a shack of books left on the shelves and never discovered. We got them Pakistanis and Indians living separate with each other, see thing is, they're still having a damn war with each other, god knows when they're gonna end it. Watching Dad's army after coming home from detective work certainly does give me a break.


3rd: Water Wars by Patsy

I hear the world is perfect. I hear the world is beautiful. I hear my uncle moved to Europe. But you should never believe what you hear. The world is at war. The world is running out of resources. And I live in a very small town that just happens to be home to the largest source of freshwater left on the planet. But people aren't sharing. I’m not sharing.


The responses for this competition, which was slightly different to competitions we've run in the past was amazing, and we hope that you found it interesting.  Who knows, you might find that looking around you and observing things more will provide inspiration for future movellas. 

As Mark Twain said:  'Write about what you know'

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