M-Factor: The Winners

by , Thursday January 3, 2013
M-Factor: The Winners

Drum roll please maestro…

Although every entry had the M-Factor, we unfortunately couldn't pick you all. After spending a long time sifting through every one of your entries we have finally managed to decide on the three winners:


1st: George, Ella and Me by Alexa Thorpe

"Get an umbrella, George"
.  George obediently went to the coat closet and took out the pink umbrella. He knew exactly where to go. It wasn't like he was a stranger here, he's lived in my house half his life. His mother and mine we friends since they were kids, and basically raised me and George together. Our houses were right beside each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


2ndCats, Kisses And Wagon Wheels by Giggles.

Are you gonna be sick?“ Will asked. “Because, you look like you are, and I don’t really want to have you puking your Wagon Wheels all over my new shirt.”
“Shut UUUUP!” I groaned. I was actually feeling sick, but then again, I always was before I performed.


3rd : MK1: Charlie's Story by Sophiethestoryteller

My hands tremble as my fingers brush away a stray blonde curl from my eye. My other hand is clutching tight onto the microphone. "Come on," Simeon says, tugging my shirt. "We made it past the auditions, so we can make it past this." I climb up a marble stairway, and try and breathe the nerves away.


Well done to every Movellian that took part, and don't get disheartened if you weren't in the top three. Even Liam Payne had to audition to X Factor twice!  We can't wait to see what else you come up with for our other competitions.

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