Girl Heart Boy: The Winners

by , Thursday December 27, 2012
Girl Heart Boy: The Winners

We are SO very happy to announce the winners of the Girl Heart Boy contest!


The competition asked you to create the deleted scene to the incredible first Girl Heart Boy book and you produced some amazing responses.


We know it has taken a long time to get the winners to you, but it was a serious battleground at Penguin HQ trying to decide on a winner! After all, the prize is to be published as part of the next book.


1st - Bitches Have Feelings Too by the incredibly talented Y Nirvana

Swigging beer from the bottle instead of a plastic cup, I watched Sarah and Joe cut through the living room and head upstairs. I told myself that I didn't care and as I was at the point where my surroundings distorted and everything made me laugh, I came very close to believing myself.


Runners Up (in no particular order):

Head Over Heels

It started with a smile

My Heart Will Melt

If I Had Known

Sarah is betrayed by Ashley

You belong to me I believe

Extract to Girl Heart Boy


Italian Stallion

Behind Closed Doors



There really were countless other stories that we wanted to reward, so congratulations to everyone who entered! If you want to stay up to date with all of the Girl Heart Boy news and updates, be sure to like the page on Facebook.  

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