Introducing the Movellas Ambassadors

Who are the Movellas ambassadors and how can you become one? 


A few weeks ago we were brainstorming at Movellas HQ (this can be pretty dangerous and usually involves a pile of books and lots of chocolate). We brought up the idea of creating a crack team of secret operatives who, instead of killing people, welcome people to Movellas, help solve problems and give awesome feedback on new writing. 


The Movellas Ambassador team was created. 


There were hundreds of great candidates for this role, so many of you are so good on here, but we tried to choose a nice mix. Over the next few months the team will continue to develop and there will be chances to get involved. If you feel like you are up to the challenge of being an ambassador, you can email at any time telling us why. 


Meet the team:



You can say hello and tell us what you would like to see from the ambassadors in the comments below. Their first task will be to introduce themselves (although you probably already know them) and start getting all ambassadorial. 

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