The Great Christmas Giveaway

by , Friday November 30, 2012
The Great Christmas Giveaway

The countdown to Christmas begins tomorrow and we are celebrating like crazy here, so much so that we decided to give away something every day from now until the 25th!


WHAT?! Tell me more!















Well.. every day, either on our blog or over on our Facebook account, we will be announcing fun little activities for you to get involved in.


Each one will have a a different theme and a different prize courtesy of our incredible sponsors including Txtr, Mira Ink (Harlequin), Hot Key Books, Random House, Michael Joseph, Penguin, Swapit and Macmillan! (and more to come........)


The prizes for the first week can be seen below, but to find the activities you have to keep your ear (eyes) to the floor (Facebook)!


1st: 2 Txtr Beagle e-readers

2nd: 3 books from Hot Key Books

3rd: 3 books from Random House

4th: 2,000 Swapits from

5th: 3 books from Penguin (Michael Joseph)

6th: A Movellas t-shirt

7th: 2 books for 2 people from Mira Ink (Harlequin)


Let the present giving commence!

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